Charm and luxury in the heart of Mardid’s Salamanca district

Contemporary Modernism


Designed in 1907 by the architect Fernando Pérez de los Cobos and fully restored in 2019, Ayala 63 is one of the few jewels of art nouveau in Madrid’s Salamanca district, clearly influenced by the heyday of the city’s modernist architecture style.
The façade, with its subtle sylvan decoration and gently rounded shapes, has been completely restored, as well as the rest of the protected elements of the building, such as the staircase and the metalwork of Ayala 63’s extraordinary bay windows.

Maximum comfort & quality

17 Unique Residences

Ayala 63’s exquisite interior design centres on a fresh take on classic elements that emphasize comfort with a cosmopolitan and contemporary style. Smooth timber panels envelop each room, crowned by elegant moldings and high ceilings. The quality of the materials that make up the 17 unique apartments is second to none, all of which create a sumptuous environment for relaxation.

Ceiling height, natural light and versatility were the conceptual foundations upon which each apartment was built. During the refurbishment, the essence of the living area was redesigned to create a harmonizing atmosphere right from the moment you cross the threshold.

The dining area seamlessly integrates with the adjoining kitchen, perfect for day-to-day use or for entertaining guests. The utmost attention was paid to the choice of material and design of the kitchen to ensure the aesthetic and comfort of the living space was maintained.

The interplay between the marble and treated natural stone in the bathrooms achieves an elegant, fresh and spacious look which is further complimented by walnut wood cabinets and the highest quality taps and toilets.

Warmth and comfort exude from the rich materials and muted colour palette employed in all bedrooms. Every room has a double bed, ample storage space and oozes luxury.


Recreate the comfort of your own home

The elegantly designed common areas of Ayala 63 combine the luxury of a hotel with the comfort experienced in your own home. The Wellness Area, equipped with a pool, gym, space for training and stretching, and spa has been strategically devised to feel cozy in winter and cool in summer, with access to the garden patio.